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World Gathering

The biggest stage and expo of sustainable solutions. Get to know some of the world’s biggest opinion leaders, innovators and changemakers that are shaping our future. It’s when cooperation exists that sustainability happens. Get together.

Learning Chest

A digital “chest” with content, workshops and tools for you to be inspired and learn more about how to become a more active agent. Either if you’re looking into a more sustainable lifestyle or a more responsible and regenerative business.


Buy the coolest products for sustainable moments and a sustainable life. The easiest place to find and buy products for a more balanced and meaningful way of living. Thousands of new and responsible products have already come on board.

Special Projects

Multidisciplinary programs with the most advanced knowledge that are changing organizations and territories. Get to know our worldwide partners, game-changing projects and join this network of problem-solvers working together to create, fund and/or scale effective solutions.

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Global leaders who are in the Planetiers community

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This community is for people and organizations who know that we still have a long way to go, but that the sprint must start now! For those who don't focus on exclusion. In pointing fingers. It's for those who try, every day, to be better citizens of this planet and to help others to become more and more Planetiers. Upon entering, you will have privileged access to news and projects being developed in this network. Sometimes you'll even get some benefits and rewards for being an active agent in this urgent transformation!

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