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All Planetiers work with a philosophy of cooperation and partnership. We have selected projects to develop with national and international partners. There’s a common goal – to create and implement solutions that accelerate the transformation of society and the market towards more regenerative, ecological and inclusive models.


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of some of the most innovative solutions for social and environmental impact.

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to be called in case there are ambitious projects being develop in the network which your projects fits in.

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as one of the entities to be on board of some impactful sustainable projects on the network.

Other programs

Advisory for transformation

Do you want your project to be sustainable? Get advice from our Planetiers New Generation team

Advisory for transformation

Do you want your project to be sustainable? Get advice from our Planetiers New Generation team


After evaluating the sustainability of your project we can help you through the process of content creation and dissemination


Porto Hub

Lisbon Hub

Our goals

Raise awareness and mobilize society and organizations.

Educate society and train leaders and organizations.

Establish international entities with advanced knowledge in the territory.

Creation of international cooperation Hubs for sustainable innovation.

Raise investment for disruptive projects.

Scale up and export innovative solutions to international markets and territories.


Organizations that collaborate, co-create and develop sustainability projects with Planetiers. Committed to a common mission to take the ambition of transformation to the next level.

Get involved in our other solutions

World Gathering

The biggest stage and expo of sustainable solutions. Get to know some of the world’s biggest opinion leaders, innovators and changemakers that are shaping our future. It’s when cooperation exists that sustainability happens. Get together.

Learning Chest

A digital “chest” with content, workshops and tools for you to be inspired and learn more about how to become a more active agent. Either if you’re looking into a more sustainable lifestyle or a more responsible and regenerative business.


Buy the coolest products for sustainable moments and a sustainable life. The easiest place to find and buy products for a more balanced and meaningful way of living. Thousands of new and responsible products have already come on board.