INSURE.hub conference

PLANETIERS NEW GENERATION and CATÓLICA UNIVERSITY OF OPORTO at the forefront of Sustainability and Regeneration.

The best practices, challenges and great opportunities of this area were at the center of the discussion of the 1st International Conference to launch the INSURE.hub - Innovation in Sustainability and Regeneration hub - a new platform set in the promotion and implementation of innovation and management processes in a circular perspective. The event took place on October 27th and featured prominent international speakers and more than 400 participants.

Isabel Capeloa Gil, rector of the Catholic University of Portugal, referred to INSURE.hub as a "platform for change" that can "inspire for a better world" and says that "the task of the Catholic University is to deploy education and research to promote a transition that is viable, equitable and just."

Isabel Braga da Cruz, pro-rector of the Oporto Regional Center of the Catholic University, also reinforced that "action is in the hands of the institutions and this is what motivated the creation of INSURE.hub."

António Vasconcelos, Co-leader of Planetiers New Generation states that "INSURE.hub brings cutting-edge knowledge and research laboratories, along with the ability to mobilize professionals to meet the challenges in innovation in Sustainability and Regeneration."

Noteworthy is the participation of:

- Edwin Janssen and Rüdiger Rhörig (Sustainable Growth Associates - The Natural Step Germany), who presented a European business study on Sustainability, Innovation and Leadership, and showed how companies can create a vision of a sustainable and regenerative future;

- Tom Bregman (Future-Fit Foundation, UK), who spoke about Future-Fit Business as a tool aligned with backcasting;

- João Pinto (Católica Porto Business School) and Sofia Santos (Caixa de Crédito Agrícola), who together with Tom Bregman discussed sustainable and regenerative financing and investment;

- John Fullerton (CEO Capital Institute, US), who presented the topic on the new era of regenerative business, complemented by the inspiring comments of Gunter Pauli (ZERI and The Blue Economy);

- John Melo (CEO Amyris Inc) and Manuela Pintado (Alchemy project coordinator and director of CBQF/ESB/UCP), who spoke about one of the largest European projects in biotechnology - Alchemy.

The event ended with a dinner that brought together more than 80 representatives of international companies, to foster partnerships and solutions in the areas of sustainability and regeneration and discuss the importance of INSURE.hub in this process.