Welcome to Insure.hub

INSURE Hub - Innovation in Sustainability and Regeneration hub - is a new platform aiming to create a vibrant international ecosystem of transdisciplinary knowledge, which promotes circular, sustainable and regenerative business solutions, powered by disruptive technologies.

The Catholic University of Portugal, in Porto (Católica Porto Business School and School of Biotechnology), thus joins Planetiers New Generation to operate in a unique ecosystem, of sectorial or territorial and international co-creation, with the contribution of international experts with experience in the implementation of disruptive, circular, sustainable and/or regenerative processes.

The aim is to create a space for innovation and management in a circular perspective, with the objective of full sustainability (net-zero) and/or regeneration (positive pursuits), anticipating the future and adapting to global environmental challenges.

INSURE.hub will act in four fundamental areas:

- support to companies and clusters in business development and new investments

- promotion of sustainable/regenerative entrepreneurship

- mobilization of society

- academic training