About Us

We produce events to connect change makers

We develop plataforms to promote sustainable solutions

We produce educational and inspirational content

We help disruptive startups and projects to accelerate and scale

Planetiers is an organization founded in 2017 by young entrepreneurs who dreamed of a world without distinction between business and sustainability. And they knew that achieving that goal would require global mobilization for effective transformation. And for an effective transformation it is necessary to educate, inspire and awaken the Planetier entrepreneurial spirit in each one of us.

It’s a movement that brings together citizens and organizations, private and public, to accelerate awareness, education and co-creation of innovative solutions for a more inclusive and green economy.

Planetiers creates platforms which aim to promote sustainable solutions already in the market, and spread inspiring and educational content throughout society.

Planetiers organizes events that promote partnerships for sustainability, with the annual international event Planetiers World Gathering as its main banner.

Planetiers works directly with companies, institutions and territories, to implement dynamic projects that drive new business models and technologies for a market and society that respond not only to the urgency of making our systems and way of life greener and socially inclusive, but also with regenerative capacities in the ecosystems in which they are inserted.