Isabel Augusto

Isabel Augusto

Founder & Director General of Green Media - Communication Agency


Founder & Director General of Green Media

Green media sustainability program This year, in june the 5th - the world’s environment day - green media presented the sustainability program we’ve designed, for companies and institutions, in order to help them, to become greener in their daily activity and adopting a greener culture to face the future.

Resilient enterpreneurs are now dealing with Covid impact and necessarily changes. But those who’ll stand, will want to move on, to keep working, producing and growing will then start thinking about how can they do it, in a greener way. The program surrounds green media with a specialized group of experts in the area, allowing companies to share this green vision possibility and journey and the route to get there…

With a full global insight perspective and a role for everyone in the organization, with a green game healthy competition and a new and creative program of how sustainable can each company be. The idea is not only to hit the green deal established goals, but to go as far as we can in becoming globally green.

Since we’re doing this review, why not sharing the process with whom has more than 20 years environment wisdom? Why not exploring the best as we can, areas most didn’t even thought of? That’s what we do! And I’m happy to work aside a group of my own environment icons: Pedro Norton – The Portuguese green man and the head of the resilient greenfest, (happens next month in SBE University the Carcavelos), Francisco Ferreira the actual Zero Leader and previous Quercus president, Xico Gaivota a Portuguese artist that designs and creates art with all the garbage he catches on the beach, Luísa Ferreira Nunes, the author of this beautiful programmepicture she designed, teacher and one of our nature explorers,having herself the experience of the most important natural parks in the world, Luis Quinta, our National Geographic most reputed nature photographer and Maria Loução Martins, distinguished 4 years ago as one of our 100 women Portuguese scientists in Ciência Viva.

We’ll look up the opportunity to see how and when can we put all we know at your service. Thank you for the opportunity once again! Hope to find a lot of green partners here in Planetiers.

About Isabel Augusto

She graduated in Marketing and Advertising from Escola Superior de Comunicação Social in 1996, is Founder and General Director of Green Media since 2004, is a communication consultant specialising in National and International Communication Strategy, Reputation and Public Relations and operates in the market under an innovative collaboration model.

Elected by several publishing groups in Portugal, she was the Author of a set of products unique in the sector - she was the first to design Video Releases in 2005, launched the Digital Media Game and digital marketing strategies in companies in 2008, conceived the concept of Web Radio in 2016 and since 2018 has designed the Sustainability Program for companies. She was responsible for the communication of some of the most reputable initiatives on environment in Portugal.

In the portfolio of clients that she led under the Communication Strategy in the environmental area, is the Great WORLD FORUM LISBON and Oporto in Serralves, which intended to be an Iberian proposal to take to the TERRA Rio+20 Summit, the resilient green fest, one of the purest and most genuine green thinking initiatives, the 1st Salão de Amigos, Profissionais e Empresas do Meio Ambiente (1st Friends, Professionals and Environment Companies Show), at Cordoaria de Lisboa with some of the first brands, companies and institutions to invest in green marketing, among other segment clients, such as VALORMED or ERP Portugal.




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