Mother’s Day Gifts: Ecological and Original Suggestions

And because your mother is unique...

...Planetiers gives you some ecological and original gift suggestions to give your mother.

Don’t forget: your mother will like anything you give her; after all, mothers are like that and your presence on that day is enough to make her smile 😉.


Laid back and fun, these are the perfect glasses for mothers with an adventurous and carefree spirit! Elegant and ideal for family outings, it was never so hard to resist the famous family selfie.

Cannes Glasses - Skoog-Front


And to mix things up a little, Mother’s Day is the one when children cook. There are no excuses on that day! With Grow Cork Block you can use different culinary herbs and prepare a good dinner for your mother, she certainly won’t forget your gesture!

Grow Cork Block - Wall and Table Decoration


If you’re one of those children that love their parents but never got the courage to say I love you, don’t worry, your problems are solved! The Magic Bean expresses your emotions and sends the message you want to your mother.

Wish-a-Bean - Personalized Messages Can


Family Sundays will never be forgotten because your mother's coffee has a special flavor. A unique and sustainable gift. Stop for a while and drink a cup of coffee or tea with your mother, keep the conversation up and enjoy these beautiful sustainable cups.

Tea and Coffee Cork Cups


For any occasion, you’ve got to have your bag and the essential day to day objects. A traditional bag that reminds you of the old times, the Subtle Bag is an original and useful gift for mothers.

Subtle Bag - Handcrafted - Fair Labour


The final touch for a perfect and laid back look. With this pack Necklace + Bracelet never before has Mother’s Day been so simple and original. A unique and eco-friendly gift.

 Neckless and Bracelet Jewels - NewsPaper - Circular Fashion


For the mothers always concerned with time passing by, this Vegan Make-Up Pallete won’t be disappointing. Vegan natural products that will certainly cheer every Mother’s Day in a healthy way.

Vegan Make-Up Pallete - ZAO

If you want more suggestions for Mother’s Day, you can find them here.

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