10 Ecological Christmas Gifts to Give your Secret Santa

As much as we try to run away, it’s inevitable: we always end up being dragged to these friendly raffles that, even though fun, frequently give us additional headaches.

The symptoms appear mostly at the time of choosing the Christmas gift for our secret Santa that, most of the times, is someone completely random and with whom we share no sufficient intimacy to know right away a present of their liking.

If the raffle has already been done it’s time to choose the right gift, which will have to be original, surprising, useful and, above all, not very expensive.

Below you can find 10 ecological and creative ideas for Christmas gifts under 10€, so you can win the competition of best Secret Santa gift 2018.

Shall we go?


This Mini-beebombom is a short but intense remembrance – it’s a box with two Belgian chocolate bonbons filled with 2 flavoured types of honey to choose from – N.º88 Fire (intense), N.º5 Winter (fresher and balsamic) or the N.º25 Christmas (cinnamon).

Secret Santa Christmas Gifts - Beesweet Honey Bonbons

Every single one of these bonbons is a unique sensory experience able to surprise the most demanding palates. In addition, they’re 100% Portuguese.

If you don’t want to choose between flavours, you can always give the Beebombom (7,63€), which has three kinds of honey, Belgian chocolate and even an extra touch of refinement with edible gold flakes incorporated in the filling.


In addition to being vegan, these chocolates are manufactured via fair trade, are healthier than other common sweets, and even hold attributes that can improve the well-being of those who consume them.

Secret Santa Christmas Gifts - Bio Chocolates of Life

With a certificate of Organic Farming and everything, it’s a Christmas gift where quality is not a problem.


This Christmas gift wins any friend over (secret or not) for its originality.

Secret Santa Christmas Gifts - Olive Oil Paste

Available in 4 different flavours (original, oregano, tomato or garlic-thyme-lemon) these spreading olive oils are manufactured using handmade methods. They are a great substitute of butter and give a special touch to your bruschettas or favourite recipes.


As this season’s temperatures call for more care, a bio and natural lip balm can make a difference and be super useful for your secret Santa.

Secret Santa Christmas Gifts - Chocolate Lip Balm

If chocolate balm seems odd, it doesn’t need to be: at Planetiers you can find more than 10 different lip balm, such as Honey and Calendula (4€), Shea (4€) or Mint (5€) – all come from a vegetal origin and are produced from natural elements.


What do you think of giving your secret Santa a bean that does the talk for you and compliments them in a natural and organic way? Does it sound good?

 Secret Santa Christmas Gifts - Magic Bean - Personalized Messages

This is our Wish-a-Bean. You can give a bean that, if watered and cared for, grows and presents a personalized message to your friend – either a “thank you”, “I love you” or simply a “<3”.

As the message only appears when the bean comes out, giving a secret message to a secret Santa seems right.



What do you think of giving a box with 3 premium jars of flavoured honey 100% Portuguese?

Secret Santa Christmas Gifts - Honey Wish Pack

In this tasting box you can find 3 totally different sensory experiences, the Nº66 Beelove (chocolate), the Nº5 Winter (mint) and the Nº10 Seasalt (salty).


If giving perfumes is something quite common at this time of the year, giving a bio solid perfume, not really… In addition to being an original gift, this is a bio option, without food colourants or preservatives.

Secret Santa Christmas Gifts - Solid Perfume Bio

It’s a natural perfume, with a springy scent that while making your day more pleasant, hydrates your skin – a useful Christmas gift, healthy and irreverent (you can see here others from the same vendor).


With walnuts and ginger, this natural bio dark chocolate is a way of showing your friend the taste of sustainability – it is bio, delicious and has 71,5% of cocoa.

Secret Santa Christmas Gifts - Dark Chocolate Bio

To match a creamy coffee or between meals, consuming this chocolate brings several health benefits.


This bio and convenient gift is the perfect opportunity for your friend to easily start producing their favourite seasoning.

Secret Santa Christmas Gifts - Seasoning Garden

From Red Chili to Orange Habanero, Parsley, Basil or Coriander, with a vegetable garden like this anyone can plant and grow natural and bio-ingredients, as a complement to a vertical garden or by hanging this mini vegetable garden on a window or porch.

Other easy ways of starting to plant at home are the super convenient Grow Bags – for vegetables and fruits (9€) as well as culinary herbs (9€).

CORK BOW TIE – 10.64€

It’s true: a fashion accessory is a gift well accepted by anyone. In this case, being sustainable only helps.

Secret Santa Christmas Gifts - Cork Bow Tie

For the ones looking for an original gift for that male friend that doesn’t like candy, a cork bow tie can be a great gift.

For a female friend, we suggest a cork purse (12€), able to make special the little things in your routine and to give your day an ecological touch.


If these suggestions aren’t enough, you can find much more in the Christmas 2018 page. Take a tour of our collection, find Sílvia’s suggestions and learn how you can create a more ecological, fraternal and, above all, happy Christmas.

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